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Učenie angličtiny


English is the official language in India, in addition to Hindi. However, many people don’t speak English, especially in rural areas. Speaking English is a great asset for the locals because it gives them higher chance to succeed in the labor market (in India English-speaking staff has generally higher salary than the non-English-speaking staff). So as a volunteer you will be a huge motivating factor for learning English and you can significantly help not only to improve conversational skills of students, but also to increase their confidence when communicating with foreigners. If you decide to become that person who opens the door to English-speaking world for children, you will get a valuable experience with development assistance abroad as well as a life-long feeling of satisfaction that you have significantly affected the lives of poor children. Considerably and for a long time you will influence not only individuals, but ultimately you will help the whole local community.

It might seem to you that teaching methods haven´t been changed in decades in India and that children learn mainly by memorizing texts and re-writing them. It’s true. However, you are given freedom - there are no limits in the way you can teach, new teaching methods can be implemented, learning through playing, unconventional teaching tools and procedures are welcome. There will be a local teacher available for you whom you can consult to help you gain confidence in the new position. Moreover, our assistance, advice and help will be also available for you.


Manvi, Karnataka, India

A small town called Manvi is located in Raichur district on the north of a southern Indian state of Karnataka. It is one of the most underdeveloped districts in the state. Many of the local people are Dalits (untouchable caste, the lowest caste, or rather out of the caste system in fact) who are discriminated and marginalized. The rate of unemployment is very high and many people are illiterate. The vast majority of them work as coolies (manual laborers who get day wages).

In Manvi, you can teach English at several stages. Nursery, elementary and secondary stage at Loyola school or Xavier school (up to standard ten) are followed by pre-university college and college at Loyola college. All institutions are located in one campus together with a hostel for more than 400 children. The classes are held in English. The institutions were founded and are run by the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) and are primary meant for Dalit children. Most of the children get their first experience with English at the school and that is why many of them have problems speaking. A person who doesn’t speak the local language Kannada can be very much helpful for their English speaking improvement.

Jagir Pannur

The village is located 18 kilometers from Manvi. You can teach English at Kapepaladi school. There is a nursery and elementary school. The school is meant for children from the surrounding backward villages, mostly for Dalits. The children are for the first time in touch with English at school, classes are held in English and therefore they need help with it.



As a volunteer you can teach part-time or full-time. You can spend the afternoons organizing games and leisure activities for the children who live in the hostel or in individual cases you can tutor or help with homework. The children are also interested in handicrafts and therefore there are many opportunities for implementing your various skills. As written above, there are no limits so every idea (reasonable and acceptable, of course) is gladly accepted.

Participation in this program is possible for one month or longer. During your stay you will become more familiar with Indian culture and will better understand how the Indian society functions.



- upper-intermediate knowledge of English

- at least a 2-months stay in an English-speaking country

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