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Volunteer in the program for malnourished children

According to the World Bank, India is the second country in the world when it comes to malnourished children. Indian Jesuits along with the St. Elizabeth University ( started a new program in order to help malnourished children in the villages surrounding Manvi town in northern Karnataka. According to the World Bank, there are 37.6% of malnourished children in Karnataka. We offer you a chance to take part in the program and thus participate in the life saving activities. As a volunteer you can join and help with planning, logistic and the actual activities of the program carried out in the villages.

As a volunteer in the program, you will have a chance to get to know remote and underdeveloped places where health care is not very common. People with whom you will come in contact with are so poor that they cannot afford even basic health care.

You will work for Dalits, the people of the untouchable caste which is the lowest caste in India. They are discriminated and marginalized and lack the access to proper health care. If you decide to become a volunteer, you will experience the way your help changes the lives of the people. Thus, your help is needed and welcomed.



Villages surrounding the Jagir Pannur village, Raichur district, Karnataka, India

The base camp of the program is in Jagir Pannur village. There are daily outreach trips made to the surrounding villages with a local social worker. The program covers approx. 60 villages and there are awareness meetings for parents and children carried out. Malnourished children up to the age of 6 years get nutritional supplements. Handicapped children are assisted and helped. Your work in Jagir Pannur will be very meaningful and you will play a very important part in people’s lives.



You can participate as a volunteer in the program for a week or longer. Your work will not only help individuals but also the local community and it will open unexpected horizons to you as well.



- English knowledge

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