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Teaching in kindergarten and tutoring

Working in kindergarten is a dream of many men and women. It brings a lot of joy and a sense of satisfaction from the fact that you can help develop small children. We offer you an option to devote yourself to smaller children from the lowest cast in India – caste untouchables. You can teach them English and do various playful activities with them during the day, and help them with homework and tutoring in the evenings. For this position no specialisation is required. Working with these children will provide you a unique and joyful experience, and you will touch their lives in many ways (for example, by opening up the English-speaking world for them at an early age).
The fact, that teaching methods in India remain unchanged throughout decades is true. However, you will be able to use various innovative methods, tools and techniques. There will be a local teacher as your consultant, who will among other things, help you gain confidence in your new position. Our advice, assistance and support will always be avaible for you.


Town Manvi, Karnataka, India
The town Manvi is located in Raichur district on the north of Southern Indian state Karnataka. It is one of the most undeveloped districts in the country. Lots of people from the caste untouchables are living in this area who are discriminated and marginalized. The unemployment rate is very high and most of people are illiterate. Local people usually work as day labourer.
In Manvi, you can teach children from three years old in St. Francis Xavier kindergarten. Children who you can tutor are attending school Loyola and St. Francis Xavier. Schools are located in the same premises as the kindergarten. There is also a hostel in which live more than a 400 children. The teaching language in schools and kindergarten is English.


As a volunteer you can only teach in kindergarten, but if you are interested you can tutor older students during afternoon or organise leisure time for children in hostels (for example, they are very interested in various handiwork). There will be no limits for you, we will gladly accept any ideas. As a volunteer, you can work in the kindergarten a week or longer.

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