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Doctor in Pannur

Each doctor can spectacularly affects people’s lives. If you decide to work as a volunteer in India, your mission will be carry out in an outlying, underdeveloped areas, where health care is not widely available. People with whom you get in touch are too poor to afford even basic health care, even less that they have no health insurance. Your patients will tremendously appreciate your help, because most of them have never visited a doctor.

Our partner organization, the Indian Jesuits, are devoted to work with people from the untouchable caste, whose members even in the 21st century are discriminated and marginalized with minimal access to health care. Your help is therefore welcome and needed and ultimately invaluable.


Village Jagir Pannur, Raichur district, Karnataka state, India

Jesuits in Jagir Pannur opened a health care center, which is run by nuns. Unfortunately there is a lack of sufficient qualified stuff and they also have lack of resources to be able to afford to pay a doctor. Your presence and work should find its justification.


As a volunteer, you can participate on this project for one week or longer.

Through staying with these poor people and working with them, you can enormously help individuals, but whole communities also. Moreover this will broaden your horizons and enrich you with invaluable experience of medical practice in developing country.  Experiencing patient’s gratitude will reward you with satisfaction and you will also get the opportunity to become familiar with the Indian culture and for us non-traditional way of life.

Specific requirement

Finished medical school that you have to demonstrate with diploma.

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