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Doctor in the malnutrition project

According to the World Bank, India is the second country in the world with the largest amount of children suffering from malnutrition. Indian Jesuits, in cooperation with the University of St. Elizabeth of Healthcare and Social Work (, have launched a project to help these children around the town of Manvi, in the Northern part of the Indian state Karnataka. According to the World Bank, 37.6% of children are malnourished in this country. We offer you a chance to become part of this project and to participate in saving many children's lives.

Each Doctor can greatly affect people’s lives. If you decide to work as a volunteer in India, your mission will be carried out in remote, underdeveloped areas, where health care is not widely available. People, with whom you will get in touch, have, due to their life circumstances, hardly any chance at all to find a good job. That is why they are too poor to afford basic Health Care and they generally have no health insurance at all. All this eventually results in malnutrition, especially amongst children.

If you choose to become our volunteer, you will see for yourself, how your help is changing the lives of people - it saves their lives. Your help is therefore very welcome, needed and in fact invaluable.


Village Jagir Pannur, Raichur district, Karnataka, India

The base for the project to help the malnourished children is situated in the village of Jagir Pannur. From Jagir Pannur, the trips are made to the surrounding villages. The project covers around 60 villages. The doctor in the malnutrition program, together with a logistics assistant and a local nurse, makes daily visits to the surrounding villages, where he educates people in health and hygiene, treats children under 6 years, decides about their eligibility for the program, creates nutritional schemes for them… Part of the program is also care for the handicapped children. The Doctor gauges the suitability of a child to be included in the physiotherapy program.


As a volunteer, you can participate on this project for one week or longer. Living amongst these poor people and working with them is not only incredibly helpful for them as individuals and for the local community, it also provides You with an invaluable experience, opens your horizons and gives you an opportunity to get to know the Indian culture and their way of live.

Specific requirements

- Completed Medical School, which needs to be supported by providing your Diploma
- Good knowledge of English language (local nurse translates from English to local language Kannada and vice versa).

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