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Teaching other subjects

We offer you to teach any subject which can be found in the curriculum of the private schools which we cooperate with. In case you are interested, please contact us and we will promptly notify you whether such subject is available.

Your future students come from the lowest caste in India, the caste of untouchables. Most of them had never been to state schools because they had to work from an early age. Others dropped out of state schools because of common discrimination towards them. Therefore, attending one of the private schools run by the Jesuits is a great opportunity for them and it gives them a chance to change their future. 

As you will notice, memorizing is still the main teaching method used in India. Thus the logical thinking of children does not develop. It is up to you to change this situation with your innovative techniques, unusual methods and devices, and with it, you can reveal the secrets and beauty of various disciplines. Studying with fun will welcome enthusiastically not only us, but especially your future students. This experience will enable you to enjoy how indescribably you will affect the lives of local children and ultimately the entire community.

Please be prepared for modest conditions and basic amenities in the classrooms. You will be able to use the physical and chemical laboratories, computer room and library with your students. You can also count on the fact, that personal consultant will be constantly available to you – a local teacher who will gladly accompany you during your pedagogical growth. You can rely on our advice, help, support and understanding. Do not forget – we will be always here for you.


Town Manvi, Karnataka, India

The town Manvi is located in Raichur district on the north of south Indian state Karnataka. It is one of the most backward districts in the country. In this area live lots of people from the caste untouchables who are discriminated and marginalized. The unemployment rate is very high and most of people are illiterate. Local people usually work as day laborer.

You can teach on any stage in the school – in elementary and secondary school of Loyola, in St. Francis Xavier (first to tenth grade), as well as in Loyola pre-university or Loyola college. All schools are located in one campus together with a hostel for more than 400 children. Schools give their students a great asset in a way that they can study in English.


As a volunteer, you can teach part-time or full-time. If you are interested, you can spend your afternoons by organizing games and leisure activities for the children who live in the hostel or in individual cases you can tutor or help with homework.

Participation in this program is possible for one month or longer. During your stay you will become more familiar with Indian culture and will better understand how the Indian society functions.

Specific requirement:

- a high-school leaving exam or a degree from the subject which you are interested in teaching


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