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Teaching mathematics or physics

Mathematics and physics are the subjects which are difficult for Indian children. It is due to the fact that common teaching method is memorizing. Logical thinking is not being developed. As a volunteer you have the possibility to help those children by teaching them to better understand the basics of mathematics or physics as well as to discover the beauty and logic hidden in these disciplines. Such experience will allow you to affect the lives of your students. Even during your stay you will already see the results of your work and also the progress that your students make through your teaching.


Manvi, Karnataka, India

A small town called Manvi is located in Raichur district on the north of a southern Indian state of Karnataka. It is one of the most underdeveloped districts in the state. Many of the local people are Dalits (untouchable caste, the lowest caste, or rather out of the caste system in fact) who are discriminated and marginalized. The rate of unemployment is very high and many people are illiterate. The vast majority of them work as coolies (manual laborers who get day wages).

In Manvi, there you can teach mathematics or physics at several stages, elementary, secondary, pre-university or college at Loyola school, Xavier school or Loyola college. All of them are located in one campus together with a hostel for more than 400 children. Schools are run by the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) and are primarily meant for Dalit children through which the children get a great chance for a change in their lives and for a better future. Their chances are even greater that the teaching language at the institutions is English.



As a volunteer you can teach part-time or full-time. You can spend the afternoons organizing games and leisure activities for the children who stay at the hostel or in individual cases you can tutor or help with homework.

If you are interested in doing something more, in addition to teaching mathematics or physics, you will be given a chance to teach English, chemistry, physical education or doing different leisure time activities (children are for example interested in handicrafts), or you can come up with your own ideas for the children.

You need to know that there is only basic equipment in the classes. There is physics and chemistry laboratory which is available for the students. A local teacher will be assigned to you as your consultant to help you gain confidence in the new position. We will appreciate when you use new methods, unconventional media or tools during teaching. Learning through playing will be appreciated by your students. You can always rely on our support and advice.

Regardless of your previous experience, you will definitely motivate your students to study harder and to gain better understanding of the principles of mathematics and physics. It will be an experience which neither you, nor your students will ever forget.

Participation in this program is possible for one month or longer, ideally for 6 months. During your stay you will become more familiar with Indian culture and will better understand how the Indian society functions.


Secific requirements

- a high-school leaving exam or a degree from mathematics or physics