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Správy z projektov za rok 2019


Dear benefactors,
We, the Jesuits work in these Loyola institutions to realize our motto ‘To reach the unreached’ and so it is our aim to educate all and give them the moral values and ethics of life; we have been very successful of this since the past 15 years.

451 students are studying in Loyola school from 1st to 10th standard, 478 students are studying in Xavier school from LKG to 10th standard. We have 311 PU students and 318 degree students in Loyola college. In Loyola Kapepaladi school in Jagir Pannur, we have 386 children. We have 623 children in the Loyola hostel in Manvi this year and 115 children in the Arrupe hostel in Jagir Pannur.

We had excellent 100% results in the Loyola school last year. In Xavier school, one boy failed. Pre-university results were 85%.

Some of our students have been selected for jobs in TATA Consultancy services and Bosch company. Our volleyball, basketball and Kabaddi teams secured first places in the university level sports competitions.

Our Center for social concern, which we began last year, went to 25 villages in the evenings to spread awareness on hygiene, health and education. We had a marathon for the ban on use of plastics called Plastathon. All the students and the other like-minded organizations participated in the marathon. We had a huge rally to spread awareness on HIV/AIDS on 1st December. Our evening tuition centers are doing well. We have 15 of them in 15 villages. Our Kindergarten center in Yaddaladoddi has 32 tiny tots. 25 people successfully completed tailoring course and were given a sewing machine which was sponsored by our British donors. They have already started earning. Our free distribution of drinking water to 12 villages has made a great impact on the villagers.

Many children of Loyola Institutions are helped by the sponsorship. We are grateful to you for sponsoring the children. We educate children who are economically very poor and are unable to pay fees and because of your sponsoring we are able to manage the expenses and give them good education. The children are very grateful to you because they are able to study and have good hostel to stay and good food to eat. All the children along with the fathers pray for you every day during the mass.

The ones under sponsorship are studying very well; some are steadily improving and trying their best to get good marks. With their progress the name of the institution is also becoming popular. We are very happy about it and we thank you for being our major partners in this achievement.

Finally, I wish you and your family and the ones who work along with you for the betterment of the children – a very Happy Christmas & a wonderful New Year.

Fr. Arun Luis, SJ



Regd office: Loyola Mandir, 96, Lavelle Road, Bangalore- 560 007, Phone: (080) 22214513
Administrative office: MaithriSadana, 54, Mukund Nagar, Station Road, Bijapur-586 104, Phone: 08352- 256453

Dear benefactors,
It is moving to celebrate Christmas with people who are living the spirit of Emmanuel – people who are there for each other. It is a time when each one feels that the other is there for you. It is a time of sharing – each one sharing, not only about his/her difficulties, challenges and achievements, but inquiring about each one’s health, happiness and dreams. We experience the unique happiness that only other-centredness can offer. I render my sincere thanks and admiration to you for sharing your love with our children from the slums and villages of Bijapur. You have been there for them by sharing your resources and especially your concern and love.

Center for Non-Formal Education, our organisation located in Bijapur has been greatly blessed to have The Way Home as our partners in collaboration to reach out to the marginalised of the society. We have 117 sponsored children and students who avail the benefit of the The Way Home contribution. Our children do not have many facilities in their houses, some of them come from broken families and troubled situations. Your contribution helps these poor children to take care of their school fees, uniforms and other needs. With your help we were able to avail many basic facilities for our children last year like library books, lab materials for the school and college, sports materials, mid-day meals for many children who otherwise cannot afford to get a decent meal and drinking water container. We were able to get grocery to feed our students especially in our hostels. Our children did well the last academic year, we had 96% results in IInd PUC examination. All our The Way Home sponsored children passed with flying colours. This academic year we have had many activities both in the field of academics and sports. Many of our students have participated in the district and state level sports and have won prizes.

Loyola Yomiuri School continues its service to the people of Bijapur by providing quality education to the children at very affordable fees. Our challenge is to foster a paradigm of education that can help the growth of a student who will gradually learn to discern and be selective in choosing experiences; who is able to draw fullness and richness from the reflection on those experiences; who becomes self-motivated by his or her own integrity and humanity to make conscious, responsible choices.

Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen tells us that only little children can enter into the cave where Jesus is born, because it has a very low entrance, and entering means bending low. Only those who are children in spirit can appreciate Christmas and enter into spirit of this loveliest of feasts. This is my wish and prayer for each one of you who has sponsored a needy child of Bijapur.

We take this opportunity to thank you and your family for collaborating in our mission of educating the poor children of the slums in Bijapur. We wish you all the joy and peace of Christmas and the New Year 2020 filled with God’s choicest blessings.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Lumnesh Swaroop Kumar, SJ


Sirotinec Nava Sanidhya

Dear benefactors,
Thank you for listening, for accepting, for encouragement, for help, for inspiration and most importantly for your love.

We, the sisters, staff and children are grateful to you dear benefactors for contributing your share in building up the lives of Nava Sanidhya Children’s home. We continue to look forward to your support and guidance in promoting, preserving and protecting these young ones to grow and live a dignified life in the society.

At present we have 37 children in our home. This year two have completed 12th standard and they are pursuing higher studies in Manvi. One is doing Bachelor of Arts (BA) and the other one is doing Bachelor of Commerce. Four of them completed 10th standard and are doing their college. We had the joy of settling one of our girls to a boy in Bangalore. She is happy and expecting. Various trainings and sessions helped them to concentrate on goals and set priority.

May the meaning of Christmas be deeper,
its friendships stronger and it’s hopes brighter as it comes to you this year.
May the season’s simple joys warm your heart, fill your home, last a lifetime...
May the light of our Saviour’s love be with you at Christmas and always.......
Merry Christmas and Happy New year 2020

With love and prayers,

Sr. Susan, other sisters, staff & children



Dear benefactors,
Christmas is a season of great joy: a time for remembering the past and hoping for the future. May the glorious message of peace and love fill you with joy during this wonderful season. The Christian response cannot be different from God’s response to our smallness. Life must be met with goodness, with meekness. When we realize that God is in love with our smallness, that he made himself small in order to have better encounter with us, we cannot help but open our hearts to Him, and beseech Him: “Lord, help us to be like you, give the grace of tenderness in the most difficult circumstances of life, give the grace of closeness in the face of every need, of meekness in every conflict.” Christmas is the time of the year urging us to do something positive for the increasing number of social issues.

We are thankful to you and your family for your big heartedness towards the marginalized students of our school. Students are pleased in receiving your letters and are enthused to do their best in their academic performance and co-curricular activities, too. Your kindness is very much helpful in contributing towards their school fees, books, uniforms and other stationary items. We are grateful to you and your family for collaborating with us in building a just society based on the Gospel values of Christ.

Devara-Hippargi is a backward area where families face severe poverty, HIV, Devadasi system, school drop-outs, child marriage, illiteracy, extra- marital affairs and other social problems. This in turn affects the well being of the children. In such a wounded society, we try to empower the children and make them better citizens with good moral values by imparting sound education for the all round development of each child who will be an asset to the family by providing facilities for the integrated personality development of the pupils intellectual, moral, social, cultural and physical.

We take this opportunity to thank you sincerely for collaborating with us in reaching out to the poor children of our mission area. May you truly experience the joy, hope, love and peace of Jesus Christ during this Christmas season, wishing you all a blessed Christmas and a grace-filled New Year 2020.

Prayerful Greetings.

Sr. Fathima Rani



Dear benefactors,
greetings from Sr. Elizabeth, Sneha Sadan, Kankal.

First of all let me thank you sincerely for the concern you have towards the needy children of this village and for the financial help that you have given towards the education of our students of Sneha Sadan.

From our school, there are 68 children in the sponsorship programme. Their school fees, hostel fees, transportation, uniforms and books have been paid for thanks to you. Another thing which some of you contributed towards were the gifts for children. We bought them some books, pens, dictionaries and stationeries. Some new dresses were also given. The children were very happy to receive the gifts. The sisters and the children with their parents join me to thank you and each of the sponsors and all those who are involved in this programme. I know the great sacrifice that you make to help these poor and needy children. It is the Christian charity that inspires you. May the good Lord grant each of you good health and continue to bless you with peace, joy and prosperity.

The children wrote their first semester exams and went for long holidays in October. During the vacation, we conducted a 10-day camp for the Devadasi children. Some of the sponsored children attended it, too. We have conducted some classes for the children on health and hygiene inviting resource personnel. This year we have started high school here. Hence, the strength of the school and the boarding is on increase.

Problems are on the increase, too. There are 165 children in the boarding, out of which 100 are girls. We are trying to build some more toilet facilities for boys and girls separately with the help of some donors.

On 6th July a tragedy happened as one of our students who was a boarder died from a snake bite in our campus. The villagers made it a case and a big issue which is yet to be settled. They are also asking us to give them a big amount as compensation. Please pray for us.

We had various celebrations such as the Independence Day, Environment day and Teacher’s day.

We are planning to construct a water harvesting pits to save water. This year we are planning to conduct some cultural competitions and sports for children.

I along with the other sisters and all the children here wish you a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year 2020. May the Babe of Bethlehem fill you with peace, joy, good health and cheers. God bless you all.

Thanking you,

Sr. Elizabeth, the Superior, Sneha Sadan, Kankal



Congregation of Our Lady of the Missions

Dear friends and benefactors,
loving greetings from all the sisters and children from Nirmalalaya. We would like to wish you a very happy Christmas. May our baby Jesus bring peace and light to your family and friends.

We are all keeping well by the grace of Almighty God and we hope this note will find you all well. I am Sr. Cecilia the superior of the community, we are five sisters in this mission and 45 girls who stay with us in the hostel .I write these few lines to express our gratitude for being part of our mission through your prayerful and financial support for the mission in a remote village of our country.

We the sisters from Nirmalalaya reach out to the children, youth, women, men , senior citizens and physically challenged of the different villages here. We collaborate on a Devadasi project to rehabilitate the women and children from the hindu temple prostitution.

We educate women and children with the values of life through value based education in the school and explain to them the need of education for all. The total number of students in our school is 480 children from different villages. We have class ten this year which will appear for their public exam, so we have intense preparation since in this area there are lots of malpractices during examination.

We have 22 children boys and girls under the sponsorship program and now we have selected another 5 more after having come to know about their family background. We greatly appreciate the financial support given to these children for their education. The children and their parents are happy and grateful, too. Parents of our children mostly work in the fields as daily labours or their own field but always there are crop failures either by drought or flood.

The children got opportunity to participate in school and interschool sports and Talent fest competitions held at different time. This year school management has decided to have school annual day together with Christmas celebration. The education tours are conducted in the alternative years since it becomes too much expense for the parents. We have customary in the school to wish on birthday of every child during the assembly. The children in the hostel are given Christmas gift every year.

The awareness is created among the students to care for the environment thus school is clean and plastic free campus.

I once again appreciate your kindness in partnering in our mission to make known Jesus through our being here. Thank you and continue to pray for us and the children who are in our care.

With lots of prayer and blessings

Sr. Cecilia Tirkey RNDM