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Voluntary activity is according to General declaration of voluntarism “a basic building stone of citizens' society. It vitalizes the most honourable desire of people – efforts for peace, freedom, opportunities, security and justice for all.

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Volunteer positions

Being poor is not a matter of choice. None of us have got a chance to choose a place of birth and conditions to be born in. We cannot change the world but we can help a person or a community to improve their life conditions through education or some other channel by providing help that will have long term effects on their lives. We shall teach them to make the net for catching fish rather than simply provide the fish.

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Feedback from our volunteers

Living in rural India which is so much different from the popular destinations, far away from ordinary tourists, living with the local children and experience their pain and be part of their joys which everyday life in India brings. It all goes in hand with a better understanding of what their problems are so that you try to find solutions to them, as you at the same time explore the differences and similarities of our cultures and do your best in order to understand why things work the way they do in India.

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