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Why to become a volunteer?

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

(Mahatma Gandhi)

Being poor is not a matter of choice. None of us have got a chance to choose a place of birth and conditions to be born in. We cannot change the world but we can help a person or a community to improve their life conditions through education or some other channel by providing help that will have long term effects on their lives. We shall teach them to make the net for catching fish rather than simply provide the fish.

Volunteers help to face the challenges of developing countries all around the world. Everyone who offers his/her own time, skills, talents and knowledge can together with other volunteers help to enable the development of a particular area. These little drops of water can create an ocean that could have an effect on lives of people in need.

Volunteers contribute to economic and social changes in the society, they help to build trust and unity among local people. Being a volunteer can be tough and means to use skills in a new place and in different context that we are used to. However, one can gain a lot. Spending some time by working and living in a foreign country helps volunteers to better understand the thinking and acts of different people and their variable values. A volunteer has an opportunity to explore why does foreign country function differently or why do local people think in different ways he/she got used to.

Through working and living in a foreign country a volunteer can gain new valuable experience and can learn a lot. Besides having unique opportunity to participate on positive change, he/she can gain overview useful in one’s life.


Reward and frustration

Only few volunteers from western countries can get a chance to live in a place where the family and life of the whole society is the most important value. Most of us will never understand how some people can survive from only very little and how just a small help can change their lives. We are giving you an opportunity to touch and experience the life of simple people in India and feel the atmosphere of this miraculous and interesting country. You will learn new routines and develop new relationships which will change your life forever.

Most of you will have a feeling that life in India runs slower and you might need some time to get used to it. At the beginning, it can be difficult to adapt to such lifestyle since you might be used to keeping deadlines and coming on time and the time in India is understood in a different way. Moreover, the transportation being almost always late, your inability to communicate something clearly and the realization that the outcome of your volunteer experience depends only on your approach, all these matters might be overwhelming for you. However, even if your stay will be tiresome, at the end you will realize how much you have gained from your experience and how much you were able to adapt to the environment… After all, your experience will be unique and life changing.