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Why should I pay to volunteer?

The Way Home is a non-profit organization that tries to keep its costs and fees as low as possible in order to spend your money efficiently and effectively.

Maybe you are asking why you should pay to work for free. In order to be effective and efficient, voluntary work requires good preparation and training prior to departure. People volunteering to work abroad need accommodation, food, transport  to the project’s location, orientation meetings  and a coordinator who will be available should  some problems occur, etc ...

What you are paying for:

1. a volunteer program individually tailored  to suit you,

2. experienced coordinators to help you prepare thoroughly prior to your departure,

3. a coordinator who will be available throughout  your stay to help you to solve any problems  which may arise,

4. The Way Home, a non-profit organization, provides volunteering placements in poor and underdeveloped areas where those, who receive help through volunteering, are too poor to be able to afford to pay for these services

5. training and advice prior to your departure, food, accommodation, transport, in country training and the materials necessary for your work,

6. a portion of your fee will be set aside for further development of the community you will be volunteering in.