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The Benefits of Development Volunteering


Development volunteering provides the following to the volunteer, as well as to other involved parties:

-          Unique intercultural experience

-          Personality development

-          Development of communication skills

-          Reinforcement of the perception of the global world

-          Breaking down of prejudices

-          The help to build relationships and international networks based on tolerance, respect and reverence

-          Possibility to communicate with people whom one wouldn’t otherwise have had the opportunity to meet

-          Strengthening of human solidarity and openness to a new culture

-          Contribution to capacity building in the field of development cooperation

-          Improvement of the quality and quantity of global development educational activities

-          Raising of awareness and knowledge about the life and the needs of the less developed countries, and about the meaningfulness of a well organized development support and cooperation

-          Active contribution to the creation of a fairer, better and more peaceful world

-          Response to the challenges of modern society.


In order to achieve all these benefits, some basic principles of behavior of all parties involved need to be taken into account and respected, and certain basic quality standards need to be followed throughout the process.