Novy Gety Design

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Our values

1: Respect

a) We respect our volunteers because we realize that your decision to join us is not easy and we understand that you are putting your time, energy - and last but not least, money into something extraordinary. Therefore you deserve our respect. We will make every effort to never disappoint your trust in our organization.

b) We respect the communities we work with and we understand that they have their own customs, values, attitudes, and see the world differently. It is necessary, although sometimes difficult, to understand and respect the cultural differences. We seek to maximize our positive impact in the communities in which we work in order to allow the most viable cultural exchange. Our partner organization, which will be your host organization, will try it’s best to include you in its work and will try to make you feel at home. They deserve our respect for their efforts.


2: Safety

We take your safety abroad very seriously. Places where we send volunteers are politically stable and safe. For increased safety, a local coordinator who knows the area very well is available to you. The host organization will always be in touch with you as from your landing in the destination country.


3: International view

It is our desire to help create a generation of people with an international view. We believe that our society can only profit from the fact that not only as many people as possible spend some time abroad, but that they will take time to live and work in a part of the world that is very different from their homeland. A new generation of professionals, managers, politicians and decision-makers will be able to experience the life in the developing world firsthand, which will undoubtedly have an impact on their decisions and work.


4: Transparency

We clearly state how much your volunteer placement will cost. Our fees include the preparation before your travel and other useful advice, travel and medical insurance, airport pick up, ground transportation to the host organization, the project positioning, accommodation, meals 3 times a day, the materials needed for your work, and a local coordinator. Your fee does not include the airplane ticket, visas and vaccinations.


5: Flexibility

We, as well as your host organization, are flexible in terms of timing and duration of your volunteer placement. You choose when you want to start, and for how long you want to stay. The placements we organize can last from one week up to six months. You can choose the starting date of your volunteer program.