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I wanted to try everything typical for India and so I planned my journey accordingly. Ayurveda, yoga and helping the poorest as a volunteer was on my list.

During my orientation meeting after arriving to the mission station, I was assigned a coordinator and a supervisor. The expectations and my tasks were clearly explained to me, along with my work schedule and the available activities in the mission, as well as the history of the mission.

As a volunteer, I taught in the kindergarten and nursery. I gave a first aid course and spoke to the children and students about the importance of personal hygiene and safe drinking water. I also enjoyed helping the borders with their studies and homework. In the evening, I visited the surrounding villages where I assisted the Jesuit priests in planning the relief for the flood-affected families. Several times, I joined the field work of the anti-malnutrition program in the villages, I also visited and tried to emotionally support some Devadasi women and their families. In the villages, I tried to spread awareness about the importance of education which helps to improve the overall situation of the families. At the same time, along with fr. Mario and Lenka, we tried to spread the information and awareness about the needs of the “untouchables” to the outside world.

Cooperation with the coordinator was amazing, a friendly and at the same time a professional coordinator is a perfect combination. The NGO team´s approach was highly professional during my entire volunteering, they were very pro-active and they always found an adequate solution to any problems. I very much appreciated their support and that they kept me fully informed. Their guidance of my everyday volunteer activities was very much appreciated. The allocation of tasks was always clear. Thanks to the professional and clear tasks management by my coordinator and the Jesuits, my work was carried out without any hindrance and always with the feeling of my own fulfilment.

Did my volunteering meet my expectations? I went to India in order to fully dedicate myself for a good cause – to support, help and spread love and respect for all living creatures without any distinction. In this regard, I cannot say that my expectations were met because that is a lifetime journey. However, I was able to exercise it to the full extend.

I realised that nowadays, not many people are aware of such extreme poverty and lack of basic needs. After my volunteering, my values, priorities and the way I see life have changed. I would like everyone to know what my volunteering taught me: Selfless service can make you happy! And therefore, come and join us, experience the fulfilment and joy when helping the weakest and poorest of the society. After all, humanity is our fundamental essence. I would like to encourage people to come and to help the mission. There is a lot of work in which everyone can find his/her fulfilment.

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