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For several years, I had planned to become a volunteer and help people in need. The NGO “The Way Home” (Cesta domov) has helped me to fulfil my long-term dream.

Why India? India is well known for its charm, charisma and people who touch your heart. I have read somewhere that love was maybe not invented in India but definitely was improved in India :-)

And it is really true, especially among the poor people who don´t have much more than each other.

During my 4-week stay, I have taken part in various activities like teaching in the kindergarten, delivering letters from the sponsor parents to the children, taking photos of the children and helping them to write reply letters, as well as social work and helping the Jesuits in surrounding villages to spread awareness about the basic human rights such as an equal role of a woman in the society where men prevail, as well as the importance of education for children.

I have been very much touched by the anti-malnutrition program for malnourished children whom you can find in the surrounding villages. That program is great. Not only the little children are provided by necessary nutritional supplements so that they can overcome their malnourishment and recover but also the parents are being taught the basic rules of hygiene and health care.

The Loyola school compound is like an oasis in Manvi, it is clean, protected, the accommodation, though very simple was nice and comfy and the food was excellent.  Manvi is a polluted town with garbage seen everywhere. It is essential to constantly and gradually educate people about hygiene and heath protection. Education and awareness is a key to better and healthier future. It requires patience because it is very hard to change the habits which have been in practice for years or centuries. And therefore, the best way is to start with educating the children.

My thanks goes to Lenka, who enabled me to become a volunteer in India and the perfectly elaborated information, guidelines and rules of the volunteer program. Lenka´s flexibility helped me to come to India on a short notice.  My thanks also goes to fr. Mario who has been an irreplaceable coordinator and a great company in Manvi as well as to all the Jesuits who generously welcomed me and have opened their hearts to me. I am leaving Manvi with beautiful memories, with a smile on my face and a desire to continue such work in the future.

Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give.” Ben Carson

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